All our doctors can discuss and advise regarding contraception. You can also attend a community clinic at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

You can be prescribed:

  • The contraceptive pill
  • The progesterone-only pill
  • The contraceptive patch

If you’d like to know about your options first, there are many resources available. We recommend the Sexwise website as a reliable and easy to use resource.

In addition to the core services outlined above, we also offer special services.


Coil logo

Doctors: Dr Katie, Dr Marc

If you are interested in getting the coil, we can do this at Coed y Glyn. You can get the copper coil, or the hormonal coil (Mirena or Kyleena).

Licence duration:

Copper – 5 years (some are 10 years)

Mirena/Kyleena – 5 years



Implant logo

Doctors: Dr Katie, Dr Jo

We can also fit the implant (Nexplanon).

Licence duration: 3 years


These specialist services are also available to patients registered with other surgeries, as we have an agreement with the Health Board.

To discuss further or to arrange to have the coil or implant fitted, call the surgery.