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Common Ailments Scheme

The Common Ailment Service is a free NHS service that patients can access for advice and treatment of 26 conditions.

The service involves:

  • Patient registration with the pharmacy
  • Private consultation with the pharmacist
  • Advice on management and treatment where needed OR referral if necessary

Pharmacists can offer advice and/or treatment for 26 conditions:

Diarrhoea*HayfeverIngrowing toenail*
Nappy rashSore throat/tonsillitisVaginal thrush
Athlete’s footCold sores*Constipation
Dry EyeHead LiceIntertrigo/ringworm
Oral thrushTeethingVerruca
Backache (acute)Colic*Dermatitis (acute)
HaemorrhoidsIndigestion/refluxMouth ulcers

*advice only conditions – no treatment available on NHS – these are conditions when there is not sufficient evidence to support the use of medicines to treat on the NHS.

Patients suffering with other conditions will not be able to access the Common Ailments Service. They may however receive advice from the pharmacist/pharmacy staff and the option to buy medicines over the counter.If a pharmacist feels that the patient needs to be seen by the GP they will refer appropriately.

For some conditions there are exclusions based on

  • Age
  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • If they have had the condition multiple times