Fit notes

You do not need a fit note for fewer than 7 days of illness.

You should:

  • Contact your employer on the first day of your illness
  • They are likely to need you to complete a self-certification form
  • Some employers have their own form. If not, you can get one from our reception, or click below to print one yourself
  • If your illness persists beyond 7 days, contact your doctor to discuss the illness and get a fit note

The law states that employers do not have the right to insist on a fit note within the first 7 days. If we supply a note before the first 7 days it will be considered as a private note. Click here to see a list of our private fees.

We cannot back-date fit notes unless you have been in touch with a doctor. We will make exceptions in some situations (e.g. if we have hospital records of an operation).