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Test results

If you want to discuss test results please call after 11am, as we begin taking calls for consultation requests at 8am.

Investigations our doctors can request include testing biological samples (blood, urine, faeces, sputum, nail clippings etc), and imaging (X-rays, ultrasound scans, some CT scans).

The protocol for testing samples is as follows:

  • If they feel it is necessary a GP (or sometimes nurse) prepares a request form.
  • If it is for a blood sample a nurse appointment will usually need to be arranged. For other samples the patient can either provide it at the surgery or take the request form and container home to collect it another time.
  • All samples are sent daily to Ysbyty Gwynedd by health board courier. They usually collect samples at 1pm.
  • Most samples will be processed at Ysbyty Gwynedd, but some more specialist ones will have to be sent away.

For imaging a doctor will complete a radiology request form and either send them directly to the hospital or give the patient the form. For requests sent directly to hospital you will receive a telephone call or letter inviting you at a specific time. For XR the patient will usually be given the form to arrange an appointment themselves. Click here for information about XR appointments.


  • When available the result is sent electronically to the requesting doctor.
  • The requesting doctor will review the results and decide if they are normal, satisfactory, or if further action is required.

If normal or satisfactory our reception staff will not contact you. Common reasons to contact you would be:

  • to advise that the test is repeated at some time, or to have another, different test
  • to book in to see a nurse or doctor
  • to stop or change a medication (or dose)

If you do not hear from us but want to know the result you are welcome to telephone to surgery. Please call after 11am. Our receptionists are not trained to interpret blood test and can only relay the comment the doctor has allocated to the result. If you want to discuss a result further please ask to speak to the doctor. Often not all results will come back at the same time, as tests take different time to process.

Below is an estimate of the time it takes for investigation results to be actioned. This involves the processing time and the time needed for a doctor to review them. Our doctors are not at the surgery every day so actioning can take up to two additional days. If a test has not yet been actioned our receptionist staff will ask you to call back another day.

Blood3 days (some longer if specialist)
Urine/sputum/swabs4-7 days
X rayUp to 7 days
CT/Ultrasound/MRIUp to 14 days
Nail clippingsUp to 4 weeks

If a hospital doctor requested an investigation we will not usually be informed of the result. Please do not call us about this. If a hospital doctor doesn’t tell you how to expect a result you should ask them. If there is a delay or problem with these results you should call the hospital doctor’s secretary.

XR appointments

At Ysbyty Gwynedd you can go to a walk-in clinic between 8am and 12:30pm for plain film XR’s, and will not need an appointment. They operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you would rather have an appointment please call the number at the top of your radiology form.

Plain film XR’s can also be done at Ysbyty Penrhos Stanley, Holyhead. However you will need an appointment – to arrange this call the hospital on the number at the top of the radiology form.