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If you are prescribed a regular medication your repeat prescription will be prepared as you need them (usually on a monthly basis). When you get your medication you will be given the repeat slip to keep until you need to re-order.

When you need your next prescription you will need to give the surgery the repeat slip with a tick next to the required medication. If you have lost your repeat slip, write your name and date of birth on paper along with the prescriptions needed. You can also order with My Health Online if you have registered for the service.

If you get your medications from a pharmacy, you can nominate them to liaise with us to order your repeat prescriptions. Pharmacies have different systems in place so speak to them for more information.

Only order the medication you need. We often find that patients order items unnecessarily – this can lead to medications being wasted.

Please allow 48 hours to prepare the prescription (this does not include weekends).

Repeat prescriptions will be limited to a certain number. Once this is reached, you may need a review of your treatment with the doctor or nurse. This can include blood or urine tests, blood pressure etc. Make sure you leave ample time to arrange a review if you think one is needed – contact us if you are unsure.

Sometimes you may need to order your repeat prescription early, e.g. if you are going on holiday. Make sure we are aware of the reason for an early request, otherwise the request may be declined.


As a medication dispensing surgery we can supply your medications if you live more than one mile directly away from a pharmacy. If you need a prescription after your consultation you will pick it up at the surgery, and also your repeat medications.

When you register we will check if you are eligible.