Sick notes and letters

Sick notes

You do not need to get a sick note from your doctor if you’re self isolating. Please do not call us about this. The government has declared that employers must accept ‘isolation notes’. Click here to access the website that prepares them.We will not accept calls relating to employers who refuse to accept these, please direct them to this website for confirmation of our policy. If you feel you shouldn’t go to work due to an existing health condition, and cannot work from home, it is at your employers discretion to allow this. Please do not call us for a sick note.

Letters to employers

Due to the current pressures on our services we will not be providing such letters. Our doctors and administrative staff are very busy with clinical issues and as such we don’t believe that this would be an efficient use of our time. Please feed this back to your employers – we urge them to apply common sense when discussing social distancing with their employees.

Letters for travel purposes

We don’t think this is an efficient use of our time, and so will not be offering this. The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) support us in this. Click here to read their statement.

Hand washing

It is essential that you frequently wash your hands. Do so for 20 second with soap.


Cough into a tissue, bin it, then wash your hands