Rescue packs

We have received many requests for rescue packs of antibiotics and steroids for patients with lung problems. We are aware of many social media posts regarding this.

There are two main lung problems:


We will consider rescue packs for some patients only, and we have specific guidance regarding suitable patients. If you have not had a pack in the past we will not routinely offer one – you should speak to a doctor if you have a cough or worsening shortness of breath.


We do not offer rescue pack for patients with asthma because it is essential that you speak to a doctor if your symptoms worsen. Asthma UK have made a statement regarding this:

We’ve been made aware of some posts on social media, saying that if you have a respiratory/lung disease your GP will issue a rescue pack of steroids and antibiotics. This is recommended for some people with COPD to be used as part of a personalised plan. However for people with asthma, we do NOT recommend these as standard.

If someone’s asthma is bad enough to consider steroids it is essential they are accessed by a healthcare professional. Even at this busy time for the NHS, getting early support for any problems with your lungs is critical to keep you well and out of hospital.

Hand washing

It is essential that you frequently wash your hands. Do so for 20 second with soap.


Cough into a tissue, bin it, then wash your hands