Routine work

Because of the coronavirus emergency we have taken the decision to stop all routine work. This page will be updated when the situation changes.

There are two main reasons behind our decision:

  • Stopping routine work poses a lower risk to patients than the risk of catching coronavirus by coming into the surgery
  • We want to reduce the risk of patients bringing coronavirus into the surgery as much as possible. This is to protect other patients and our staff.

This is a list of the main work we have stopped

  • Diabetes, blood pressure, COPD and asthma reviews
  • Medicals for HGV, PSV, Seafarers etc
  • Routine investigations such as ECG, Doppler, lung function
  • Long term contraception (coils and implants)

We strongly advise patients who usually have B12 injections to defer further injections until the emergency has passed. We believe that catching coronavirus at the surgery (and carrying it to others) would be much more dangerous than the delay. If you understand this, and want to continue, you must speak to a doctor.

We are still vaccinating children as part of the normal schedule. It is very important that children have these vaccinations as the diseases they prevent can be more dangerous than coronavirus.

Hand washing

It is essential that you frequently wash your hands. Do so for 20 second with soap.


Cough into a tissue, bin it, then wash your hands